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Am I getting real human views?
Absolutely, only real and legitimate YouTube views will be delivered to your video as we do not use any bots. Your order from us comes with a 100% guarantee of not getting banned by YouTube and only receiving human views.

How fast will I get the video views?
The views will be delivered at a rate of approximately 3k+ a day. If you need views at a faster rate (10k-100k a day), please contact us before ordering.

Will I get banned from YouTube for using your services?
No, you will not get banned by YouTube. We have had many customers and not one has been banned nor will anyone get banned in future for using our services.

Why is my counter frozen at around 300?
YouTube only updates the view counter in real time for videos with under 300 views. Once a video exceeds the 300 view mark, YouTube continues to update the view counter every 6-12 hours.

Can I buy channel views too?
Every package we offer comes with an equal amount of channel views, so you don’t have to pay extra for those! But if you wish to order channel views separately then please refer to the appropriate PayPal button on the right.

Note: The price/view get’s cheaper the more you buy.
Best deal for standard YouTube video views: 100’000 views for just $0.0065 per view!
Best deal for Geo-targeted YouTube video views: 100’000 views for just $0.0165

If you would like to order only ratings or only comments, please contact us.