Website Traffic

Am I getting traffic using spam or other unwanted methods?

DEFINITELY NOT. You are getting only legitimate views, from real users to your website.

How fast will I see an increase in traffic?

Within 24 hours, but usually much faster.

Why should I order traffic from TrafficIguana?

Many other services use tricks to just load your site without the user even seeing your website. We deliver only 100% unique visitors who will actually see your website!

Why would I want more traffic?

Not only can it massively increase your revenue, you will also rank better in Google and effectively lower your Alexa rank. This improves your impression with advertiser and your value with them.

Is this traffic safe with AdSense?

Yes, our traffic is AdSense and Yahoo safe!

Do you use pop-ups or similar methods to advertise my site?

No, pop-ups or pop-unders to advertise your site, as it’s not effective.

Note: The price/visitor get’s cheaper the more you buy.
Best deal for worldwide visitors: 1’000’000 wolrdwide visitors for an outstanding $0.000534 per visitor!
Best deal for country targeted visitors: 100’000 country targeted visitors for an just $0.0029 per visitor!

If you would like to buy traffic from only Asia, Europe, USA/UK/Canada or simply English speaking visitors then please contact us.