Q: What is TrafficIguana?

We are here to help you grow your business and drive more traffic and sales to your social media profiles. We specialize in delivering the highest quality views to your YouTube videos, gathering the most targeted fans for your Facebook fanpage and boosting your career as a musician through the roof with our Myspace promotion services.

Q: Why would I want to use your services?

- YouTube: Every day, a server-melting amount of traffic is being channeled through YouTube and you can have a part of it! As we all know, traffic equals sales, a rise in popularity and more monetizing opportunities than you can think of. If you’re an artist looking to sell your music on iTunes, then one of the easiest ways achieve this is uploading it to YouTube and simply adding a link to your song in iTunes. Now the only thing you need is exposure and this is where we come in. You can receive many honours and special YouTube listings when you promote your video in the first few days you uploaded it, such as “Most Viewed”, “Most Rated”, etc. and get even more organic traffic.

- Facebook: It’s a crucial part of your social media campaign to have a fanpage on Facebook. And what does a fanpage need? Fans of course! You might want to raise your fan count to encourage others to become a fan as well, or you might want targeted and English speaking fans to present your brand/business to and make potential sales. Whatever the reason, we offer high quality, active, real fans and not just invites to your Facebook fanpage.

- Myspace: As an artist or as a band you’ll also want to promote yourself on Myspace and as the same rules for traffic (equaling sales and exposure) apply to Myspace you can gain huge fame and spread your music to thousands upon thousands of people with our services.

Q: Is it safe to use your services or will I possibly get banned from social sites?

We don’t use any bots or proxy networks to deliver our services. Real people will watch your video, real people will become a fan of your fanpage and real people will experience your music on Myspace. We have served many customers and one has yet to be banned as we go by the rules and strive to steadily deliver the highest quality.

Q: I have seen other services for cheaper prices, why is yours better?

Whenever you see thousands and thousands of visitors for just a few dollars you can be almost completely sure it’s of low quality, that means bots and fake identities are used to generate views and create fake Facebook accounts to become a fan of your page. We exclusively deliver high quality visitors who will actually SEE your content! We don’t just give you numbers, we give you potential and high quality customers.

Q: How is my payment handled?

We use PayPal to safely handle your payment. PayPal is the safest and fastest payment method online.